Always find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life. 

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart



We provide volunteers with one week of in-country orientation before they start their placement. This includes; pre-arrival Skype facilitation, a city tour, transport guide, workplace visit in order to enable the volunteer settle down. The pre-arrival sessions are meant to connect the volunteer to the local team, project and work community. We facilitate airport pick-up on arrival and drop-off at the end of placement once it’s in the interest of the volunteer. 


Volunteers are supported in the process of finding an adequate homestay and within the project community whenever possible and feasible. The process of making the best stay option is a close consultative, between Hapa Resources and the sending organization as well as the volunteer with safety and any related costs being major considerations.

Additionally, volunteers may opt for group accommodation in rented apartments or student hostels.


Our approach towards engagement allows for all sorts of exchanges to take place in order to meet changing needs and changing goals. Besides volunteering, we promote activities that connect volunteers to the local community. Once every week, volunteers interested in joining Dance and Drama sessions are encouraged to participate in sessions every Saturday evening as a means of sharing culture through the performing arts that culminate into a cultural night that is held once every month within the community of Kawempe.

Monitoring and Coordination

A representative is assigned to coordinate all matters between Hapa Resources and a volunteer sending organization. The coordinator is responsible for supervising all volunteers to ensure that they are appropriately placed to successfully undertake and complete their assignments. The supervisor is also responsible for managing work-related issues that may arise during placement of a volunteer and undertakes appropriate measures to professionally address concerns that may arise at any given time.