Teaching volunteers on this project provide increased educational opportunities for school children within partner schools. They provide classroom instruction in English and other subjects, and may also undertake physical education and other related extra-curricular activities outside of class. Some volunteers begin their placement by assisting in a classroom, and then gradually take over responsibility for teaching a lesson or a whole class. Other volunteers assume responsibility for their own classrooms from the beginning of their placements. Volunteers can develop and implement creative lesson plans and lead after-school activities such as sports.


Teaching volunteers have a direct impact on their host communities by interacting daily with local students and educators. Whether they work with primary students or secondary school students, volunteers contribute their enthusiasm and skills to address some of the most pressing needs of their host communities. International teaching projects give volunteers a new perspective on the world and on education within their setting, while broadening the horizons of students and providing local teachers with needed and much appreciated assistance.

Other considerations

Volunteers with an interest in teaching, an education background along with a desire to contribute towards education in the global South are well suited to serve with us. Successful participants are patient, creative, and ready to adapt to unfamiliar cultures and educational settings.

Millions of children around the world study in buildings that are unsafe, unhealthy or uninspiring and many still take their lessons under trees, or in run-down structures for classrooms. Important community spaces like libraries and youth centres become run down from use and are essential facilities where childcare groups, community meetings and healthcare activities are very often held. A few weeks of your time can help to address some of these social challenges. These placements offer you an incredible opportunity to join a building project where you can bring your enthusiasm, team spirit and flexibility to work where needed while volunteering and living at the heart of a local community.

Becoming a community development volunteer is a great way to support the communities you visit and whether you want to be a community development volunteer to help with building works at a medical centre, school or church, we have a community development project to match your skills and passions.

When you sign up and join us, you will be working with local people to support a project that employs local labor, resources and techniques for sustainable, longer-term development. This is an approach that allows us to ensure that all of our community initiatives can continue to develop.

This initiative is a great choice for volunteers with an interest in health care, community service and medicine. We have different departments in various local hospitals and medical centers in Central Uganda where successful applicants can serve as Medical, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, etc.

We are only looking for volunteers qualified in the medical field: Medical, Dental, Nursing, Public Health Specialists, Community Development Specialist, and Health Educators or any other Health related field. When applying for this placement, we require you to attach and upload all qualification documents to the application form, so we can make sure that you are fit and prepared to volunteer in the health sector.

This program really draws on your professional health knowledge and allows you the opportunity to expand your public health skills by working with developing communities who have very limited access to healthcare.

To ensure safety for both volunteers and community members, health volunteers do not exclusively serve in hospitals or medical centers, where they perform direct medical services on patients. This program also works as a capacity-building program where volunteers can expect to develop resources, run workshops, provide talks and educate on health challenges.

For health educators, all activities are aimed at providing long-term, sustainable support to communities whereby people have the opportunity to be better educated on key health-related challenges including:

  • Women’s Health
  • Maternal and Neo natal Health
  • First Aid
  • Disease prevention
  • Non Communicable Diseases


  • Provide much needed medical support and assistance to nurses and doctors at under-resourced facilities
  • Raise awareness on health issues in welcoming community
  • Gain practical experience in settings where medical resources are scarce and access to healthcare is limited. resource-limited
  • Work alongside medical professionals and volunteers from around the world

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us. Volunteers are an important part of our team and help us in many ways. We appreciate everyone who gives us the gift of their time. Wherever you volunteer, you will make a difference! Below is some basic information regarding our volunteer program and application process. 

We request that our volunteer applicants commit to a placement minimum of 4 weeks. Aditionally, we provide applicants with the tools they require in order to undertake activities intended to raise funds for their project of choice. 

Volunteers are encouraged to actively participate in all implementation activities that require the use of all raised funds and upon completion of the placement, volunteers are provided with a projecr report for accountability to project donors.

The first step in our volunteer application process is completing an application form and once submitted, we will get in touch with you within 2 to 3 business days. Please note that, completing an application does not guarantee acceptance into any volunteer program. 

Hapa Resources provides for pre-arrival online volunteer orientation through video calls and its social media platforms as a practical way of adequately ensuring that successful applicants are well prepared for their experience while in Uganda.  
If you feel you are ready to take the next step to apply, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.