Creating Change and Opportunities Through Collaboration

Connect and Engage!


We know that by working in partnerships, we can achieve more than any organization working alone. It is because of this, that we always prefer to identify, develop and implement projects in partnership with other organizations and local stakeholders. This approach is central to our strategy, approach and to how we work. 

What role do we play as a local partner?

At Hapa resources, we want to play the role of ground convener in any partnership that is developed. Our approach is to connect disparate groups by listening to and working with local people in the communities we serve and this in turn brings people together to tackle the issues they face. 

Who we’re looking for:

  • Partners who want their students to make an impact before or after graduations through service learning or impact volunteer experiences.
  • Organizations that are interested in establishing or complimenting a similar program within a developing community.
  • Individuals and organizations that are keen on grassroots development issues within marginalized communities.
  • Any organization who wishes to support a similar mission!

Join Us

You are invited to partner/collaborate in the implementation of current projects or express interest in a whole new undertaking of mutual interest.

How else we can work together.

  • Donate sports equipment
  • Support science education (collect laboratory equipment and help us organize a shipment to Uganda)
  • Equip a partner computer lab.
  • Contribute to shipping of a container of, refurbished tools, books, school supplies, etc.
  • Become an online ambassador.
  • Sponsor our website.
  • Become our connection to your community.

Partnership Options

We are open to the following kinds of partnerships:

Strategic Partners

This is open for NGOs and other Organizations/Institutions interested in implementing active projects.

Corporate Partners

For corporate Organizations/companies that wish to support our initiatives and/or programmes

Technical Partners

For technical experts like Architects, Construction Specialists, and Community Development Experts. Individuals who want to offer their technical support.

Grassroot Partners

For people and local groups at the grassroots level. Our beneficiaries.