First Aid for Schools

Children spend a considerable part of their time in school settings, which puts a large share of responsibility on schools in general and teachers in particular. Because school students are under their educators’ guidance during the school day, the latter have to be aware of the possible health-related risks and the ways of managing them. However, the current situation in this respect within Uganda's schools cannot be described as satisfactory. 


Access to First Aid in any educational institution is vital for the health and safety of students and staff and we are committed to delivering lifesaving first aid skills by working with young people in ways that promote lifelong understanding of, and value for, first aid.

Program Goal

The goal of this program is to build institutional capacity to deliver efficient first aid response in emergency situations within a school setting. This  is part of our  PATCH initiative and is being implemented in partner schools within Wakiso District in Central Uganda to prepare teachers and children to treat injuries which may occur through security incidents or accidents. .

Our interest is to deliver basic first aid knowledge and skills as well as the capacity necessary to address unexpected emergencies in school environments. According to official documentation, it is recognized that schools in Uganda MUST have the capacity and readiness to address health emergencies and yet this requirement is not met in many educational institutions. 

First-Aid Trainings

They focus on how to deal with the most frequent problems, such as open sores, broken bones, eye injuries, concussions, burns, CPR and the accidental swallowing of objects. Two-week training sessions following a guiding curriculum are open to teachers and students within partner primary and secondary schools.

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