Community Development

Our education and healthcare initiatives provide an incredible opportunity for participants to make a positive impact in the lives of people living in developing communities in the global South. Volunteers contribute to the betterment of a community while gaining valuable experiences and skills while working alongside local organizations or non-profits to address various social challenges.


This program focuses on improving access to education, healthcare, and clean water to promoting sustainable livelihoods and empowering marginalized groups. Volunteers collaborate with community members, local leaders, and fellow volunteers to identify needs and develop innovative solutions in activities that could involve organizing workshops, implementing community projects, conducting research, or providing support in areas like infrastructure development and capacity-building on education and healthcare initiatives.

Volunteers also help with healthcare and education initiatives ranging from building classrooms to health education. The program is designed to help volunteers gain a deeper understanding of local realities and develop the skills needed to become effective agents of change. Volunteers will learn about the history, culture, values, traditions and challenges facing their host community from a variety of perspectives. During the course of their placement, volunteers will also be encouraged to reflect on their own values and assumptions about development.

Beyond the tangible impact volunteers make, working as a community development volunteer offers personal growth opportunities through which volunteers get to develop leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding, and teamwork abilities while building lifelong friendships and connections with people from different backgrounds.


These volunteer placements offer participants the opportunity to join education and healthcare initiatives in construction, school improvement and community empowerment. Bring your enthusiasm, team spirit and flexibility to work where needed while volunteering and living at the heart of a community.

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