Our Work


The Planned Approach To Community Health initiative offers a practical, community-based process that is built upon health education, health promotion, and community development knowledge and theories and organized within the context of the PRECEDE (Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Educational/Environmental Diagnosis and Evaluation) model.





Through this initiative, we work with local communities to secure and design quality projects in the areas of education and health.

In so doing, we serve as a ground convener of resources by building relationships necessary to identify and positively contribute towards creating solutions together. 

Our collaborations generate clear ideas, best practice and long-term sustainably through viable projects that unite the concerted efforts and vast experience of seasoned individuals and organizations dedicated to working with developing communities.

Our Strategy

The Global Partnership for Engagement in developing Communities (GPEC) is our flagship initiative dedicated to helping sustainably improve support systems in the most vulnerable communities. In order to improve outcomes at the grassroots level, we facilitate collaboration among organizations with communities that need assistance in order to build and sustain lasting change in the areas of health, education and community empowerment.

We seek to build collaborations that bring diverse organizations together with local project communities for coordinated and complementary initiatives that provide for the development of good ideas, mutual learning and exchange while achieving better outcomes.