Signup as our Social Media Ambassador

As someone looking for ways to support a good cause virtually, we have a great opportunity for you! Become an ambassador on social media for Hapa Resources! It's an easy volunteer opportunity and gives you a chance, when you have the time, to help out more.

Social Media Ambassadors help us spread the goodness! Join us to like, comment and share news, updates and stories of impact on social media to help drive our message and mission to a broader audience.

Who would be a good fit as a Social Media Ambassador?

  • Everyday People who are comfortable utilizing social media with a commitment to help spread our mission.
  • Anyone interested in community development work in the global South.
  • Social Media or Digital Technology Specialists: Whether just starting off in their career or have years of experience in the field, you can partner with us to move our work.

If this opportunity is a perfect fit for you, go ahead and complete an application form so we can get you started right away!

Join as a Peer-2-peer Fundraising volunteer

Fundraising is incredibly important for any organization and it is one way we can keep operating. As a peer-2-peer fundraising volunteer, you'll be doing anything from collecting money in your community, to organising events and building valuable relationships with local businesses and networks. Not only are you educating your community on the value of giving to your cause, but you're also helping us expand our network of supporters. This role is quite flexible and can be shaped around your daily schedules or other commitments.

Our ideal fundraising volunteers are the friendly face of Hapa Resources in their local communities, raising awareness of our programs and work. Most importantly, by helping us with raising funds to help keep our work flowing.

If you are willing to bring enthusiasm to the team and associate with us because of your passion, we welcome you on board! After we receive and accept you application, we will share our fundraising plan and policies with you, before getting started and look forward to working with you.