Online Medical Library

Hapa Resources has built an impressive collection of medical education resoufces over the past few years. These resources constitute a strong core collection of its library resources, easily accessible to users and are accessible through member subscription. Remote access technologies allow affiliated patrons to browse through out catalogue from the confort of their home or remote clinical locations, virtually anywhere there is access to the Internet.

This virtual library is designed to assist physicians, health professionals, students, patients, consumers, medical researchers, and information specialists in finding health and scientific information to improve, update, assess, or evaluate health care.

The virtual library is a member-based platform that uses an Integrated Library System (ILS) for managing its library online where members can access and request for available resources. Search through our catalogue, make a book order and have personalized delivery on location. Library resources are available to patrons through a click and delivery/collect book lending service.

Membership Options

3 months at UgX 40,000
3 months at UgX 40,000
Annual membership at UgX 100,000

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